What is GATE COAP? Eligibility Criteria, Registration Process, Seat Allotment and More

What is GATE COAP? Eligibility Criteria, Registration Process, Seat Allotment and More

Applicants who clear the GATE exam are qualified to participate in GATE COAP counselling. Aspirants have to register and fill in the choice of programs and colleges to which they want to get admission. GATE COAP is a vital stage, and if you are a GATE exam aspirant, then it is necessary to understand COAP.

On that note, let’s learn everything about GATE COAP from eligibility criteria and Registration process to Seat allotment in detail.

What Is COAP?

COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal): A popular acronym in the GATE family.

The Single Offer Acceptance Portal is a common stage for registered applicants to acquire their preferred option for admission into an M.Tech programme. The results of seat allotment are announced on this portal by all participating IITs and ISc Bangalore.

GATE COAP Eligibility Criteria

When it comes to registering for COAP, there are specific qualifying criteria that every candidate must meet in order to be considered for admission. Applicants who do not meet the requirements are likely to be turned down. As a result, it is always a good idea to double-check the requirements before beginning the application process. Before beginning the GATE application process for COAP 2023, applicants should review the eligibility standards.

GATE COAP 2023 – Check Eligibility Criteria Pointers

  • Applicants must present a valid GATE scorecard. And it should take place in 2021, 2022, or 2023.
  • If an applicant has more than one scorecard, the scorecard with the greatest aggregate must be used during registration. However, information on other scorecards will be required as well.
  • If an applicant has a GATE scorecard from more than one discipline, they must present information for each.
  • Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements of the college to which they wish to apply.

GATE COAP 2023 Registration

Candidates who wish to proceed with the admission procedure must enrol in the GATE COAP 2023 portal. If we talk about 2023, the GATE COAP application will soon be available after the GATE 2023 exam. However, applicants can monitor the complete steps for reference purposes.

GATE COAP 2023 Registration Process

  • Applicants must first register by providing basic information.
  • Applicants will receive login information (Email Id & Password) on the registered mobile number following successful registration.
  • Log in again using the same credentials.
  • Candidates can then apply to the college to which they want to be admitted at the following level.
  • You can now check the allotment status.

Steps to Check Admission Proposal Through GATE COAP 2023 Portal

Applicants can check the admission proposal via GATE COAP 2023 by following the processes outlined below:

  • Visit the official COAP Portal.
  • Enter your login details to access your account.
  • Click the “Seat Allotment” link to see the list of college-wise seat allotments.
  • Applicants can now choose between Accept and Freeze, Retain and Wait, and Reject and Wait.

Process to Accept Seat Allotment Through GATE COAP 2023

Following the seat distribution process, applicants must confirm their seat allocation. They can select from the following options: “Accept and Freeze,” “Retain and Wait,” “Reject and Wait,” and Reject.”

  • Accept and Freeze – If the candidate wishes to accept the seat allotment and does not wish to consider any further advancement.
  • Retain and Wait – If a candidate accepts the seat allotment but considers upgrading it in subsequent rounds.
  • Reject and Wait – If the applicant does not wish to take any of the offered seats and instead wishes to wait for the subsequent rounds of seat allotment.
  • Reject – This option is available if the candidate does not willing to accept any seat offered during GATE COAP.

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